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Higher Level Learning, Inc. was created by a team of educators who believed they could make a bigger impact outside a student’s normal school day. The team individually created different educational programs that included tutoring programs, technology literacy programs, foreign language programs and more. Individually their programs demanded too much of their individual time and commitment. Higher Level Learning combined all these programs into a larger organization that share the same mission while supporting each others staffing needs.

The organization helps these education visionaries manage the business day to day so they can focus on creating and improving our educational programs. One of the newer programs that our organization has developed together is My Credentialed Teacher. We identified the need as teachers needing additional income to support the high cost of living in their cities. My Credentialed Teacher focuses on helping credentialed, classroom teachers connect with students that need 1-on-1 support. We’ve registered over 300 teachers into our program and work with over 1000 students. After paying our teachers the majority of the student’s tuition we use left over revenue to pay teachers to provide free tutoring to students after school.

Our organization continues to grow and we always welcome new visionaries that want to work collaboratively to empower our students to become extraordinary.

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