Full Immersion Online Chinese, Online Mandarin Classes near me for kids.

Everyday Mandarin Unveils Full Immersion Online Mandarin Classes

The program is specifically designed to transform children into ‘natural’ Mandarin speakers from the comfort of home. 

Everyday Online Mandarin Classes

San Francisco, CA – In a significant enhancement to online language education, Everyday Online Mandarin Classes is proud to announce the launch of its new Full Immersion Online Mandarin Class. This revolutionary program is designed to maximize the numerous positives yielded from distance learning, creating an immersive, distraction-free environment that accelerates Chinese/Mandarin language acquisition for children. 

At its very core, the Full Immersion Online Mandarin Class is a groundbreaking program offering 16 hours per month of intensive Mandarin practice, repetition, and a fully immersive experience. Developed from 12 years of industry expertise, this meticulously crafted program ensures children thrive in a Mandarin-speaking environment through weekly instruction enriched with engaging projects, cultural lessons, and discussions about China’s history, geography, and current events. This comprehensive approach not only enhances language skills, but also ensures a fun and enriching learning experience, leading to effortless mastery and authentic Mandarin fluency. 

“The Full Immersion Online Class is the key to transforming your child into what we refer to as a natural Mandarin speaker,” says Founder, Jason Dare. “The essence of this approach lies not in rote memorization, but in fostering an innate conversational ability. As a natural Mandarin speaker, your child will exhibit fluency akin to that of a native speaker, seamlessly listening, comprehending, and responding with the correct tones and expressions. 

“Our unique curriculum and methodology are designed to ensure that in just four hours a week, your child is not only learning Mandarin but also living it,” Dare continues. The immersive program goes beyond textbooks, incorporating engaging projects and cultural insights that make each lesson a vibrant, enriching experience. With us, your child will not just learn Mandarinthey will embody it.” 

According to Everyday Online Mandarin Classes, there are even more advantages to online language learning vs. in-person class. For example, online students have a direct channel controlled by the teacher, as if it were a personalized one-on-one learning experience. Additionally, focus is improved through the use of headphones and screens, enabling students to get a fully immersive Mandarin experience – just like they were walking in the streets of Beijing.  

Also, distance adds to students’ level of security, so they don’t face the fear of speaking in front of others without judgment. Not only that, but teachers utilize the power of the online platform to mute potentially distracting students, freeing up time spent on classroom management that is reallocated to Chinese and Mandarin instructional time. These advantages, in turn, help to foster an immersive, uninterrupted and interactive Mandarin learning experience for kids. 

Currently, Everyday Mandarin is offering an introductory special offer of the first month free for enrollments by December 15, 2023. The organization is inviting parents to seize this opportunity for their children to become confident, natural Mandarin speakers through real-world practice and interaction. 

For more information about its Full Immersion Online Mandarin Classes, please visit https://learn.everydaymandarin.org 

About Everyday Mandarin 

Founded in 2000 by Jason Dare, a passionate advocate for engaging and enjoyable Mandarin education, Everyday Mandarin has grown to boast a team of 25 dedicated Chinese/Mandarin teachers serving over 350 students. With a mission rooted in transforming language learning into a delightful experience, Everyday Mandarin caters to a diverse student body, including multicultural families, Asian Americans, and immigrant households. Offering a wide array of services from after-school programs to private tutoring, the organization remains devoted to fostering a deep appreciation for Chinese culture and language among its students.  

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