Higher Level Learning

PACE's System Of Learning pinpoints, targets, personalizes and engages students to achieve academic success.

The PACE system of learning uses a comprehensive diagnostic to pinpoint grade-level competency while our tutors engage students with content from curriculum personalized to your child’s level.

Engaging & Vested Tutors

The PACE System utilizes the power of the iReady diagnostic and READY curriculum to guide our teachers and target exactly what your child needs to learn. Our small group environment of no more than 4 students per 1 teacher ensures teachers engage, instruct, and excite your child to understand, enjoy and succeed in academics.

Assigned Tutors Provide Consistency in Learning

  • Your child's tutor will meet with you to discuss your expectations and create a plan for your child's success.
  • The tutor evaluates the student's academic needs based on our diagnostic, school reports and parent input.
  • The tutor will get to learn and understand your child's individual learning style
  • Academic goals for improvement will be created by the tutor.
  • The tutor will communicate directly with the family to ensure consistency.

In-depth Computerized Academic Diagnostic

Students are tested in math and reading 3 times per year to ensure improvement.
The diagnostic test pinpoints students' needs down to the subject sub-skill level using cross-grade-level adaptive technology.
Learn more about the i-Ready diagnostic.

Curriculum Written for the Common Core

Each student's curriculum is personalized based on the results of their academic diagnostic.

With the new Common Core curriculum adopted in 2015, curriculum older than that does not meet new standards. See how PACE’s READY curriculum meets all expectations.

3 Essential Subjects: (lesson sample)
Common Core Math, focused on algebraic thinking, problem solving, and real world math.
Common Core Reading focused on comprehension, literature analysis and critical thinking.
Common Core Writing & Grammar focuses on grammar, content development, and organization of ideas.

Creating Extraordinary Students since 2000

PACE's learning system goes beyond teaching academics.

Our Mastery Milestones teach students behavior and work ethics, Common Core foundational concepts, and study skills to develop extraordinary students.


Experience the PACE difference.

About the PACE System of Learning

At PACE, teachers teach.

Established in 2000, PACE Learning’s mission is to create a nurturing environment that fosters learning and a positive attitude towards academics through engagement from quality teachers who are personally vested in the academic success of their students.